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Areca Medium size

Areca Medium size


It is a small to medium-sized palm that can exceed several meters in height, with ramifications from the base. It is regularly 1.5m to 3m tall, but can grow up to 6m depending on the ramifications it has. The leaves are arched, 2-3m long, and pinnate, with 20-60 pairs of leaflets. It produces yellowish fruits that turn blackish and white flowers. It is called a bamboo palm because of its similarity to bamboo, due to its ringed branches.

Areca is also known by the name yellow palm tree, since the petioles of its leaves have a characteristic yellow-green color. Several reed-like stems emerge from the same bush, crowned by large leaves finely divided into multiple leaflets, also with a very attractive greenish-yellow color.

It is native to Madagascar, where it grows large, but has shown a magnificent adaptation to growing indoors.

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