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Bismarckia small size

Bismarckia small size

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If we were to describe the Bismarckia nobilis palm in one word, it would be majestic. This palm tree stands out for two reasons: its beautiful silver color and its imposing size. It is also known as the Bismarck palm and the silver palm. Its name nobilis means noble, a good description for the majestic palm. Bismarckia is a monotypic genus with a single species: Bismarckia nobilis, the Bismarck palm, or Madagascar blue palm, belonging to the Arecaceae palm family. They have gray chocha trunks with ringed indentations. The trunk is 30 to 45 cm in diameter, slightly domed at the base and leaf-free at all the base. In their natural habitat they can reach more than 25 meters in height, but generally it is not taller than 12 meters in cultivation. The nearly rounded leaves are huge at maturity, over 3 m wide, dividing one third of their length into 20 or more rigid leaflets, themselves divided at the ends. Petioles are 2-3 m long, lightly armed, and covered in a waxy white or tan color. The almost spherical crown leaves are 7.5 m wide and 6 m high.


Presentation in approximate height: 40 - 100 centimeters from the base to the tip of the bud.

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