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Butia yatay Big size

Butia yatay Big size


Butia yatay is a species in the palm family (Arecaceae). It is the tallest palm tree of the genus Butia, similar to the Butia capitata, it has finer segments on the palm and a somewhat more elegant and less coarse appearance than this one. Due to its general appearance, it can be said that of the 13 species that make up the genus Butia, the yatay is the most beautiful, elegant and attractive palm tree, especially during the first 15 and 20 years of life. It is a palm tree up to 12 m high. It shows pinnate leaves, with 140 leaflets, of a slightly bluish green color, up to 2 m long with a 60 cm petiole, subleinous and endowed with spines. The flowers form yellow inflorescences, which can contain up to 100 flori protected by a woody and ribbed spathe. The fruit appears clustered; it is ovate, aplate, orange in color and between 5 and 3 cm in diameter, protected at the base by bracts that cover a third of its surface. Its fruits are edible in addition to attracting numerous birds.


Presentation in approximate height: 1.6 - 2.2 from the base to the tip of the bud.

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