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Rubelina Phoenix. Medium to small size

Rubelina Phoenix. Medium to small size

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The Phoenix roebelenii palm, also known as the dwarf palm, is as such a dwarf plant, with a maximum height of 5 m, but generally its trunk is not more than 1 m in height. Its growth is slow, being one of the most interesting palms it can be grown in small gardens and even in large pots.

It is endemic to Southeast Asia, Southwest China, North Laos, and Vietnam. Its leaves are pinnatisect, up to 140 cm long, with short segments (20 cm long), narrow, flexible, bright green, regularly arranged in a single plane, the basal ones rigid, very sharp. Its flowers are tiny, yellowish, produced in an inflorescence 45 cm long, grouped in interfoliar panicles protected by a spathe, half the length of the leaves. It blooms in summer. Its fruit is a globose drupe up to 1 cm long, edible, dark in color when ripe.


Presentation in approximate height: 40 - 130 centimeters from the base to the tip of the bud.

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