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Washingtonia Robusta in bag

Washingtonia Robusta in bag


Washingtonia robusta, also known as Mexican fan palm is a species of plant belonging to the Arecaceae family. It comes in a bag grown from organic seed ready to be transplanted into prepared soil and that's it.

It is a palm tree of the Arecaceae family, with a robust, slender and simple trunk up to 35 meters high, thickened at the base, covered by the remains of the dried leaves that form a characteristic attachment, although it disappears with time. It has fan-shaped leaves, with long white threads that disappear with age, divided almost halfway, with sloping segments, with long petioles with spiny edges. Inflorescence at the base of the lower leaves, branched and sloping. Spherical fruits, numerous, black, 0.5 cm in diameter and edible. Presentation in approximate height: Approximate height: 60 centimeters from the base to the tip of the bud.

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