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Welcome to Baja Palms

Wholesale Organic Palms grown in Baja California Sur

Baja Palms, has been a wholesale nursery for palm trees produced from organic seeds since 2006. Our palm trees have been grown from hand-selected seeds, which gives us great pride. We have a wide and varied range of types of palm trees, as well as providing a flexible and efficient service that adjusts to whatever the specific needs of our clients are. We have over 16,000 palms, 14 different species and a wide range of sizes.

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About us

Our history

Baja Palms, was born in 2006 in Rancho San Antonio, located within the area known as La Fortuna in the city of La Paz Baja California Sur. Some of the key elements of our planting process is the constant natural water supply from the aquifers below our ranch, as well as the traditional and competent knowledge of the local ranchers, who for generations have worked diligently in the production of authentically organic food as the basis of their way of life, same as living in BCS, being surrounded by the sea of cortez, have developed their natural vocation for fishing and agriculture.

During the last decades and with the help of agriculture professors in the area, it was established that the lands of Rancho San Antonio, are particularly suitable for planting different varieties of palm trees._cc781905-5cde- 3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ Rancho San Antonio specializes in planting Date Palms (Canadian Phoenix Datil, Bismarkia) among other types of palm trees. Each seasonal cycle the ranchers gather to harvest seeds, which are dried in the sun, classified and dated to later be prepared
for planting (each duration of the processes prior to planting is imperative for proper classification and thus obtain palm trees equally authentic as natural; it is only through this process that At Baja Palms we can guarantee the replacement of the palm tree one by one in case one of them does not achieve its proper growth.

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